Payroll Services

Outsourcing Payroll services can save you time and money. Keeping abreast of all the federal and state filing requirements as it related to payroll can be daunting task. Bookkeeping services, payroll services can be very costly to have one or more full-time employees performing these services. In addition to saving time and money, outsourcing your payroll services with us will give you added security as it relates to your privacy and the privacy of your employees information.

Typically, our cost per month is less than one week’s pay for a low wage employee. In addition to paying a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, you also avoid other related cost such as unemployment for that employee, worker comp, training and costly interest and penalties for non-compliance.


  1. Timely filing that eliminates penalties and interest by federal or state tax divisions
  2. Access to a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor,
  3. Reduce additional cost of hiring, staffing and training a fulltime employee

Services Includes:  

  1. Payroll check printing and/or Direct Deposit
  2. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports
  3. EFTPS Payments
  4. Department of Revenue Requirements
  5. Department of Labor Requirements


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